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Prevent Food Waste at the First Step

6.2 million tons of food is wasted by the manufacturing industry every year in the UK, equivalent to 3.1 billion meals. Make Yearsley Food the number one choice for your food waste reduction programme.

Prevent Food Waste at the First Step

How Can Yearsley Food Help?

If you have short dated, end of line or any other residual stock, Yearsley Food will buy that stock from you, preventing it from going to waste and preventing disposal costs. The repack team will discretely remove of all branding and give the product a new identity and best before date. Our specialist sales team will then sell the repacked product to our wholesale and retail customers.


Proven Track Record

In 2023 Yearsley Food’s repack division repacked 3.5 million kilos of food, equivalent of seven million meals, which would otherwise have potentially gone to waste, incurring disposal costs for the producer. Instead, this food was repacked, resold, and consumed on tables up and down the country. Yearsley Food’s repack division is now 60 team members strong, with the facility in Heywood, Greater Manchester, operating six packing lines around the clock.


Decades of Experience

Yearsley Food has been a frozen food specialist for over seventy years, and today operates across the retail, foodservice, ingredients, cost sector, seafood and wholesale markets in the UK and Ireland. Yearsley Food is part of Lineage, a global leader in cold storage and logistics with over 400 strategically located sites around the world.


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