A dedicated and experienced buying team purchases frozen goods from across the world that are suitable for all sectors of the marketplace. Long term relationships with manufacturers built up over 40 years ensures we can supply any product. If requests are non regular lines we will source immediately as we are not restricted to a listing time. We also take deals and parcels of clearance work, including products for Repack, and prefer to purchase on a net buying prospective ensuring we can pass on good prices to clients.

Our non-bureaucratic style means products can be purchased, ordered and delivered within 2 days giving clients the stock they want within 3 to 4 days. 3000+ picking spaces across our stores means we can sell by the case or by the pallet giving clients greater flexibility.

Yearsley Group’s network of 13 cold stores throughout the UK provides us with large stock holding capacities ensuring preferential prices are obtained and suppliers can deliver in bulk.

Our network of cold stores plus 300 vehicles means we can collect throughout the UK on our own vehicles usually via backhauling. This enhances our environmental credentials; keeping vehicles full saves food miles and reduces CO2 emissions. We also have established links with European hauliers and our own in-house freight forwarding division.

Stock transfers with existing cold storage customers give suppliers a convenient way of disposing of regular or problem stocks and give customers better prices as distribution costs and timings are reduced.

We work in true, long-term partnerships with suppliers to innovate and provide the best products for customers.

For more information please contact jade.power@yearsley.co.uk