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As part of the COVID-19 era, the start of the school year in September will be like no other, presenting a whole set of new challenges for staff and pupils alike

One thing schools can depend on, though, is a ready supply of quality food products to make sure children get the balanced, nutritious diet they need to for better health and more effective learning.

We have been working hard to help you prepare for reopening this September by providing: 
* An expanded range of handheld products
* Prepared, ready to cook vegetables and potato products with minimum preparation required
* Individually wrapped products
* Menu planning to support you no matter what your numbers or skill level
* A large ‘free from’ range to suit all dietary requirements

With more than 30 years’ experience supplying schools and colleges, we understand how children’s tastes and dietary needs change as they grow. We can cater for all of those stages in their development with our innovative approach and wide product choice.

A Food for Life supplier

Our full Food for Life Supplier accreditation means you can rely on Yearsley Food to help improve food quality and provide sustainable products for your staff and pupils.

We offer a wide range of:
* MSC accredited fish
* UK grown fruit and vegetables

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