IcePak is Yearsley Foods specialist frozen seafood importer. Working with overseas suppliers throughout the world we source not only seafoods, but game, poultry and meat products to provide extensive choice for the markets, whilst maintaining price stability, surety of supply and quality.

We offer a huge variety of frozen seafoods – over thirty types of prawn products for instance from sea water, fresh water and farmed king prawns to cold water and warm water prawns, together with specialities such as mussels and whitebait, and household favourites like crabsticks and scampi. Also, whole and filleted fish, battered and breaded prawn and other specialities including tuna and sword. IcePak also stock poultry from whole birds to breast fillets, plus a range of game, beef and pork products.

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Direct Importer

  • Guaranteed supply and stability all year round

Buying Power

  • Regular product lines, own brands and one-off deals

Partners in many countries

  • Vast product range

Experienced sales and buying team

  • Advice and guidance

In house technical team

  • Quality assurance

In house storage & distribution

  • Guaranteed availability and delivery